Seeking the Welfare of the City

We will seek to positively impact the health and well-being of the neighborhoods and comm unities around us; we will become agents of reconciliation in our communities; we will seek to address the underlying causes of the suffering we see around us in order to bring about lasting systemic change.

Navajol and Mission and Service Partnership

The Navajoland Mission and Service Partnership is a collaborative effort between Saint Andrew’s and Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance, Arizona, to create and maintain sustainable services that address the needs of the people of the Navajo Nation.  Over 100 people have participated in the mission trip during the past five years but many more people than that make this mission trip possible. The actual trip and related ministry activities are the visible result of many people contributing their time, effort, gifts and talents to support NMSP. The list of external supporters and donors continues to grow and the internal support provided by Saint Andrew’s Vestry and parishioners is vital to the continued success of this effort. For all involved with this trip from Saint Andrew’s, it is a journey of growth and faith and a time to become closer to Christ in community with our friends in the

Past ministries areas have included: Construction and Repair, Gardening, Vacation Bible School, Veterinary Service and Ministry Support.


Vacation Bible School continues to be a highly anticipated event in the Good Shepherd community. This year’s Vacation Bible School continued many of the activities from previous years such as Arts and Crafts and Reading Stations but added more music and singing. One change from previous years was that the VBS started with a singing procession to the main church followed by an introduction of the theme and more singing before going to the smaller group activities. A new group station this year was a station where the VBS children learned to play the recently donated set of chimes. The daily attendance for VBS ranged from 18 – 27. 

The Ministry Support group provided many needed services from meal preparation to VBS transportation. The Kitchen Team prepares a noon meal and an evening meal each of the working days at the mission. The noon meal is for the Saint Andrew’s group, the Good Shepherd staff, and the Navajo Nation Veterinary Clinic where our veterinary service group works. The evening meal is served to all of the Vacation Bible School children and their family members who would like to attend as well plus Saint Andrew’s and Good Shepherd Mission. About a 125 meals are prepared on average per day.

Contact Ben Smith, MWM Coordinator, for more information ([email protected])