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NEW: Posted September 19, 2019

Master Design Retreat Update 

Twenty one members of Saint Andrew’s and Father Daryl participated in the master plan design retreat with Heimsath Architect at Camp Allen. This was another step in the master planning process which began with a Master Planning Congregational Forum to which all members of the congregation were invited to participate. The members of the Design Retreat were selected by Fr. Daryl in consultation with the Senior and Junior Wardens. The Design Retreat participants represented wide range of ages and experiences in the parish. They ranged in age from 15 to 70 plus. Some had been members of Saint Andrew’s for 40 to 50 years. Others had been members for only a few years, though most fell somewhere in between. One had been baptized, confirmed, and married at Saint Andrew’s. Members from all three church services were represented. One was an architect, another banker, one a professor, and two were engineers. A few were members of the staff, some served on the vestry. Others served in a variety of ministries within the church…. Read the full article here: Design Retreat Article-9.18.19

Posted August 22, 2019 

Master Plan Congregational Forum (August 18, 2019 Summary)

By Alison Sawyer

Over 50 people gathered Sunday, August 18 for the Master Plan Congregational Forum in our parish hall. The event was led by Ben Heimsath and Kathyrn Coffey of Heimsath Architects (Austin, Texas.)

Heimsath’s describes their design process: “Envision, Collaborate, Design, Deliver.” “We fundamentally believe that truly great design comes from the exceptional energy that defines each group’s identity. We humbly approach each challenge by working side-by-side with community and congregation members to find the best and most appropriate solution. The results embody the unique spirit that draws people together as they share a common vision.” (www.heimsath.org)

Ben Heimsath shared on Sunday that Saint Andrew’s has done an excellent job in so many aspects of maintaining our church, from the roof and brick, to our stained glass windows, and that we can appreciate our past, and at the same time look forward to planning our future.

The goal of the forum on Sunday was to introduce the design process, share findings and discuss our current church facility and future needs. Our 50 participants split up into five focus groups consisting of 1) Worship 2) Fellowship 3) Administrative 4) Education and 5) Orientation / Outreach. Each group toured their respective areas, and then discussed discussed pros and cons, and made a list of suggestions and possibilities of how to improve/enhance each area.  The forum was extremely beneficial in that new guests and long time members were able to visibly see all of the many parts, assets and layers of our historic church building, and brainstorm ideas together. 

For those who were unable to be there on Sunday, you have an opportunity to submit your suggestions and input to the various categories of interest. Questionnaires are found through the pdf links below, which maybe printed and filled out, and returned to church. Or, copies are available at church between now and Sunday. All comments must be returned to church by Sunday, so that we can submit them to Heimsath Architects. Participants are welcome to fill out just one, or all. 

Thank you to our Master Planning committee, consisting of Father Daryl, Joyce Perkins, James Batenhorst, Mary Eikenhorst, Deb Sappington, Jeff Waskom, Sylvia Grider, and Bill Van Eman.

Please check this page often updates as we move forward with the design plans this fall, or contact a member of the master plan committee.

QUESTIONNAIRES: Click each title below to access the pdf. 


923-Fellowship #2

923-Admin #3

923-Education #4


July 30, 2019: The Master Plan Design is Officially Launched!


Read more about Heimsath Architects article on “A Shared Process of Creation”


Click the link below to view the Master Plan PowerPoint:

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