After the Royal Wedding, The Episcopal Church and our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry are everywhere.Hundreds of millions heard Bishop Curry’s passionate invitation tothe way of love and were inspired and refreshed. What a great time to let people know about Saint Andrew’s and The Episcopal Church! So how can we make the most of this Episcopal moment?

Recognize What Happened

We live in deeply divisive times and many people feel cynical and hopeless. But the whole world came together for a sacred moment to celebrate love and many people found themselves hungry for more – including our neighbors and friends who don’t know much about our church or the Jesus movement. People who believe God and religion are outdated or that The Episcopal Church is full of stoic intellectuals encountered a very different reality. There was a shift in the force – a worldwide focus on love, especially the love expressed through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Look for Opportunities to Connect the Dots

Most of our friends and neighbors watched the Royal Wedding and may know that you attend an Episcopal church. But they probably won’t connect the two. That’s where you come in! Bring up the Royal Wedding in conversation and on social media. People will have opinions on everything from the dress and fascinators to the music. Anytime anyone is talking about the Royal Wedding, make sure to share that our bishop was the preacher. Share clips and quotes of the sermon on social media along with Bishop Curry’s other recent appearances on morning shows. This lets people know that The Episcopal Church is passionate about Jesus and focused on love. Don’t be surprised when people have questions and want to learn more.

For the next month, whenever you mention anything about Saint Andrew’s to friends and neighbors, mention the wedding and Bishop Curry’s sermon. Let people know Bishop Curry will be preaching at a free worship service in Austin on Saturday, July 7 at 5:30pm at the Palmer Center. This approach is not like standing on the sidewalk with a megaphone preaching – you’re talking about something that has already captivated the whole world.

Invite People to Our Loving Community

What became clear in that royal chapel on Saturday morning is that the world is starving for authentic love. When the people you know show interest in or excitement about Bishop Curry’s message, invite them to see what love in community looks like. To join others singing hymns and praying together for each other and a hurting world. To encounter a God of love in the bread and wine at the altar. To have a cup of coffee and conversation afterwards in the parish hall. To be part of building the beloved community with Habitat, Neal Elementary and the many other outreach ministries we have. Let them know The Episcopal Church will welcome and love them – no matter who they are, what color their skin is, what language they speak, who they love or where they have been. Let them know that most Episcopal priests won’t preach as well as Bishop Curry but they will hear a message of hope and love. Let them know we are broken and make mistakes but are still trying to walk the way of love together. Let them know there is room for them too and that it will not be the same without them. And then let us see what God will do in our midst. Let’s make the most of this Episcopal moment!

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